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Name:  Daniel Tomaschek
Date of birth: 23-03-1975
Profession: Guide, Trainer, Ski and snowboard teacher.

2012: Staatlich geprüfter Snowboard Führer
2011: Ski Anwärter
2007: Staatlich geprüfter Snowboard Lehrer
2003: Snowboard Landes
1997: Snowboard Anwärter

Snowboards: Rossignol Angus 162, Experience 168 and the Jibsaw 157
Splitboard: Jones - Solution 164
Bindings: Rossignol & Spark
Boots: Burton - Driver
Clothing: -still looking for a good fit-
Casual Clothing: --
Favorite style: Freeride & backcountry (off-piste)
Favorite Ridingarea: Ischgl, Königsleiten Austria. There are to manny nice spots!
Hobbies: Surfing, producing electronic dance music

Who am I?

My name is Daniel Tomaschek. Born in 1975 in Leiden The Netherlands; three years later my parents put me on a pair of skies. (zie foto).

In 1987 I switched to snowboarding, as a little boy i loved to skate, from there putting my feet on a snowboard was just a small step.
Because at the time there were no teachers, I tried to teach myself how to snowboard, I used the well known ‘trial-and-error’ method ;)
My first board was a Burton Elite 150 , but for the last couple of years I only ride Rossignol snowboards. If you want to try one just give me a call ;)

Becoming a snowboard teacher...Yeah

Snowboarding, mountains, winter sports; it defines a big part of my life.
At a young age I discovered that I like to teach snowboarding to others. Therefore I decided to become a snowboard teacher. In 1997 I entered the Anwärter teachers course in Serfaus, Austria (at the Tiroler Skilehrerverband).

After a bad experience with a skischool in Nauders (Austria), I decided to teach on a plastic slope in The Netherlands called SnowValley in Duinrell. I worked there for a few years and i really enjoyed it. When the second indoor slope in The Netherlands was build, I had to be a part of the snowboard teacher team. The SnowDome in Den Haag became my new spot. Mike Pong was our trainer. Frank Eerland, one of the team members soon became my snowboard buddy and friend for life. We where fanatic, always present at the weekly trainings and always wanted to improve ourselves to become better snowboarders, therefore we learned a lot from our trainer Mike.

After a year a few SnowDome teachers went to Val Thorens (France), for a special training, were we met Maarten Huisman. We learned a lot in a few days with Maarten. After these special and fun days Frank and myself got motivated to enter the Landes course.

Both Maarten and Mike became friends for life and I am grateful for what I have learned from these guys.

Landes level, we need to train for this!

Frank and I decided to go to Austria for a few weeks to train ourselves for the Landes level. Actually we needed a trainer to do it right, so we told Sjoerd Remmelink (owner of Ripstar) about our ideas.

Sjoerd gave us the possibility to participate at all kinds of camps, which his snowboard school organised. For two months we did freeriding, carve, slalom and backcountry camps together with good riders. Tedo Remmelink ( 5 times slalom world champion ) and Maarten Huisman where part of the first backcountry camp which we participated at. Wolfgang Hackl was our guide, the man we would ride lot’s of kilometers with in the future.

Over the past few years Wolfgang has teached me a lot about guiding in the backcountry. Wolfgang has inspired me to learn and improve myself in the backcountry and to improve my snow and avalanche knowledge. Thanks for that Wolfgang!

Because we had spend a lot of time with Sjoerd, both Frank and I rapidly became better snowboarders. After these two months we were 100% ready to enter the Landes level course.

All these experiences have marked my snowboard career and I am very thankful for that.

Both Frank and I worked at Ripstar for years. I had a splendid time and met lots of great people.

After this period Sjoerd had trained me for the Staatlich (the highest level of snowboard teachers) course. I passed the selection and entered the 4th Staatlich snowboard teachers course of Austria.

Style is important to me!

If you ride together you can copy eachothers style.This can have a positive, but also rather negative effect.
For me one of the biggest compliments i have received during my time at Ripstar was “Hey I thought I saw Sjoerd snowboarding, I can see you have spent lot’s of time with him in the snow.”

Meanwhile I have found my own style, probably with still some traces of Remmelink, Pong and Huisman in it. Sjoerd will always be a big example to me, and I hope I'll also rock on my snowboard the way he does at his age now. The man still rocks

Snowboard trainer

In 2008 I came in contact with Snowsports Academy / WSSV. Alan Luybe and Martin Dolezal gave me the oppertunity to become a snowboard trainer. So I could train people to become snowboard teachers.

Since then I'm a very happy snowboarder and I train people throughout the whole year in Austria and in The Netherlands (indoor).

Besides, I lead Freeride camps and clinics, train teachers to reach a higher level and guide people in the backcountry terrain.

Finally guide

Begin 2012 I’ve graduated as a guide at the BSPA in Innsbruck, Austria. It is called Staatlich geprüfter Snowboard Führer. This means I am qualified to guide people in backcountry areas.


2012 is the year to present myself to the outsiders (outside world) and therefore I created the website. To show people who I am, what I do, where I am, with who I like to work and what I can possibly do for you.


For the future I hope to meet lots of nice people with whom I can go snowboarding or skiing. I would like to inspire people, learn them something new, motivate them and let them experience more pleasure in their sport and therefore in their life. I hope to climb mountains with them so we can make amazing descents.

Until that time I say: check out my website, ask your questions, leave a message, enjoy your life and hopefully we will meet soon to ride some fresh new white powder.

Ride On!


Ride-On Daniel Tomaschek

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