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A BIG thanks to 
ROSSIGNOLwho made it possible to provide me every year with the best en newest snowboard materials of this moment.
I am thrilled with these boards and use them for different purpose.

Take a look at their website ROSSIGNOLI'm sure there will be something for you to.
For questions about materials, just send me a mail...

ANGUS = The board which I use to go FreeridingIn fact you can do everything with this boardEspecially for the Off-piste powPow, but also nice to ride the slopes, carve your turns or just jib and cruise around.

Shape: Camber between the bindingsoutside of them it's rocker.

JIBSAW = The board which I use to Freestyle and shred some slopesIts a playful board, good to carve and freestyle. This is the board I use most of the time during the snowboard training courses

Shape: Camber :)

EXPERIENCE = The board which became world famous because of Jeremy Jones. These days it's the board of Xavier de Le Rue who uses it for his amazing big mountain adventures! 
Obviously I need a board like that for my own powder day adventures ;)

Shape: Camber between the bindingsoutside of them it's rocker.

Check out the video of Xavier de le Rue!


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Johannes Praxmarer
Steff Walner